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Top Rated Dental Professionals

Dental Staffing On Demand

Dental offices gain access to high quality dental professionals, on-demand, while dental professionals can pick up work that fits their schedules.


How it Works

For Dental Professionals

Accept Shifts, Get Paid

Work when and where you want, Choose shifts that fit your schedule, Get paid the same day you work.


For Dental Practices

Top Rated Dental Professionals At The Touch Of A Button

Posting a shift with Toothio couldn't be easier. Toothio gives practices control over nearly every aspect of their shift so we can find them the exact professional to meet their needs.


A Better Way to Work


Easy Payment

Toothio handles all administrative


Rating System

Feedback at the touch of a button


Automated Updates

Get real time shift updates


Set Your Rate

Choose what you want to pay


Why Toothio is Different



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    Administrative and Compliance covered [ Tax Liability, Payments, Insurance ]

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    Robust rating & matching algorithm

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    1-1 Vetted Professionals

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    Same day fills

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    No hiring fees

Other Agency

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    Hours of manual work to find the right match

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    No vetting or rating system to increase quality of staff

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    Low fill rate

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    All payment done manually

  • other_agency_icon

    Buyouts and hiring fees



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Dr. Tim Loving

Owner Loving Family Dental

"Toothio fixed everything we dislike about the current options in the market. Anytime I need a temporary employee I rely on Toothio exclusively, especially if it’s short notice"

slider_top_left_img brooke

Brooke Grubb

Toothio Professional

"Toothio has helped me fill a full schedule while also allowing me to work around my own personal schedule."

slider_top_left_img anya

Anya Padilla

Office Manager Highland Dental Studio

"Toothio has made it extremely easy to find qualified hygienists, especially when needed short notice. And the website is extremely user friendly"

slider_top_left_img jacobjones

Kevin Wu

Toothio Professional

"I would like to thank Toothio and sidewalks for keeping me off the streets. Toothio has been a piece of cake from getting set up to getting paid! They've introduced me to some great people and offices."

slider_top_left_img brooke

Ashten Turner

Toothio Professional

"I have loved my experience with Toothio. I have worked with some of the popular dental hygiene temping agencies throughout the valley for years, but Toothio has far surpassed my expectations. They have surpassed my expectations so much that I have made them my sole provider of temporary hygiene jobs."

slider_top_left_img anya

Nakeia Advant

Toothio Professional

"Toothio has been ideal for shifts. I get to pick and choose where to work. The offices treat you like an employee; Toothio pairs you with an office that fits you- they let you voice your opinion if one does not. Toothio support is very responsive they actually care and respond back very quickly... all I have to do is text in. I know I can count on Toothio and their rates are very ideal. I feel like I am getting paid what I am worth."

slider_top_left_img jacobjones

Lashonda Jones

Toothio Professional

"It has been great. Almost every office I go to, each temp assistant that I see is through Toothio. Everyone that I have spoken to so far who temps through Toothio is very happy with their experience. Toothio’s communication is superior, and their shifts keep me super busy; we are paid right at the end of the day. I refer every professional in the dental field I see to Toothio."

slider_top_left_img brooke

Suzanne Cleary

Toothio Professional

"My Experience with Toothio is "5 Star." The Best Temp Agency to work for, great customer service, always helpful and they care about you! They treat you with dignity and respect!! I would recommend them to anyone looking to temp!!😀"

slider_top_left_img anya

Nyla Cooper

Toothio Professional

"With Toothio I found a dental assisting job the next day, and it only took less than 10 minutes to create a profile.I am very impressed with Toothio’s professionalism, excellent communication, and reliability for temporary job placement in the dental field."


The Results Are In...
Toothio Professionals Are Better

  • Personal vetting of each professional
  • Confirmation of professionalism and quality
  • Cutting-edge matching algorithm
  • Tracks thousands of data points
  • Ensures the best professionals receive work


What do we need to do to get started, is there a contract, monthly fees. Etc?

The first step is to create a free profile as a practice. Once you create a practice profile, you will be able to post a shift for a specific day. When you post a shift, you tell us what experience and certifications you're looking for. You also set the rate that you'd like to pay. After you post a shift, our AI-driven algorithm matches you with a highly-rated dental professional that meets your requirements. For pricing, we have a pay-as-you-go option and a subscription option. The pay-as-you-go option has a small service fee that can be removed with an active subscription.

How are you different from other options?

You set the rate you’d like to pay. Flexible pricing options for clients big and small. We handle all administrative tasks (vetting, payment to the professional, clock in/out, and payment to the professional). We also have a proprietary AI-driven algorithm that matches you with the highest-rated dental professional in your area that meets your requirements and a robust rating system that allows you to build a custom pool of professionals.

Are you a temp agency?

We are a full-service staffing tool (Temp and Perm) that handles everything that goes into staffing your practice. We take all of the administrative tasks off your plate so you have more time to focus on your patients and recruit new patients.

Can I review the resume of my temporary dental professional?

Toothio handles all vetting for you. The days of sifting through resumes are over! We interview and screen every candidate before letting them on the platform. Only about 60% make it through the screening process. Alternatively, if you utilize our “working interview” feature and you will see the professional full bio before you book working interviews.

Where do I go if there is a problem?

Every practice account has a dedicated Toothio account manager who is your point of contact. We also have a chat box on our website where you can contact us as well.

Do you charge per practice or per account?

It is free to create a Toothio account. We do charge per location if you choose one of our subscription options.

How do I view the temp professional before my shift?

In the dashboard, you can view the profile picture of the professional as well as their experience. You can view their phone number on the day of the shift. If you have any specific questions about the professional you’re matched with. You can reach out to your dedicated account manager.

How quickly can you fill a shift?

We have a 98% fill rate for shifts posted 48 hours and longer in advance. We have an 85% fill rate within 24 hours of a shift being posted.

Do you have hiring fees?

If you find a temporary professional you love, you have the option to offer them a job without any Toothio placement fees. This means you can try before you commit. After all, anyone can shine for a single day. Our rating system means you can request the same professional for multiple days (or weeks), allowing your practice to assess if they align well with your culture, team, and patients before making a hiring decision. This approach benefits the professional too, as they can evaluate if a practice is the right fit for them. It's a win-win situation!

Is there a subscription fee?

We have a pay-as-you-go option. If you utilize us for more than 3 or 4 shifts a month we recommend subscribing to a plan making it more cost-effective for your practice.

What do you get from a Toothio subscription?

No service fee, unlimited dental professionals, and 24/7 support from your dedicated Toothio account manager.

What happens if we do not like the temp?

After every shift, you rate the experience you had with the Toothio professional. 'Thumbs up' means that you’d like to have them again and they get added to your custom pool of candidates. 'Thumbs down' means that they were not a good fit for your practice and blacklists them from all future shifts posted for your practice. We also have a four-hour guarantee. If you don't like the professional simply send them home.

How can I cancel a subscription?

In your dashboard under the billing tab, you can cancel your subscription. Your subscription is still active until the end date.

How do I cancel a shift?

In your dashboard under the upcoming shifts tab, click manage on the shift that you would like to cancel. If you cancel a filled shift within 24 hours of the start time, you will be charged 4 hours of the business rate.

Do you pay the professional directly?

Yes, we handle all administrative tasks (payment to professionals, tax paperwork/liability, clock in/out, and 1:1 vetting).

How do you guys find your professionals and talent?

Through traditional job boards, ads, and social media. Also, referrals. We gather referrals from our top-rated professionals to gain access to their networks.

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